Our Custom Home Exterior Design

Travis and I are having the best time working through the design phase of our custom build. So many decisions to be made and so many details to be agreed upon, but somehow we are doing it.

And rather well, I’d say. Our visions for our home are gradually merging, and what’s coming out on paper is feeling right.

We’re early on in the process to be touting our success already, having just decided the basics of our exterior design, but that being the largest chunk of the design requirements (next to finalizing the floorplan, that is, which we’ve agreeably accomplished!), I’m sure the interior elements will come along in like manner.

It’s pretty funny how my husband and I arrive at these decisions. We are both such studious, thorough, detail-oriented people; so the realization of desires involves lots of drive-by picture-taking around town, looking through countless photos on Houzz.com, talking, day dreaming, sketching, and thinking.

I’m certainly not the most artistic of people. In fact, even saying it that way hints at giving me too much credit. Oh, I can visualize what I like. It’s the transferring it to paper that’s difficult for me. It just takes time. And lots of inspiration.

That’s how we’ve arrived at this.

PaperArtist_House Exterior Design

I love it. I can see the colors when I close my eyes. I can see lights shining up on it in the dark of night. I can feel the warmth and life and love that will reside within. I can know the thought and care that has gone into the design, and I can call it mine.

We’re turning it in today. Our floorplan and our exterior design will go to blue print soon. And we’ll go to the cabinet store, the flooring store, and whatever other stores the process takes us to next.

What ideas and inspiration would you share with me as we continue to craft our new home?