Settling In

Family Picture Wall

Our temporary house is beginning to feel like home. Piles diminishing, pictures hanging… I even made a home-cooked meal for the first time in two weeks! And come to think of it, we actually shared that meal as a family, all six of us seated at the table together. Prior to our move, we had made our table smaller for staging purposes, so we really hadn’t all sat together for a meal since sometime in January. Maybe that’s why a simple cheeseburger, fries, and fruit salad supper tasted so good tonight.

Man, it feels good to see clean(er) floors, too. The more I unpack, the more floor space opens up – and the more I scrub, the less gross the tile floor looks. Don’t get me wrong – I think we landed a great place to live for these coming months; but I’m pretty sure it’s been awhile since this place has seen a tenant as crazy as me who was willing to scrub someone else’s grout on hands and knees. Hey, at least it’s making my recent impulse buy from the door-to-door Pro-Tek salesman seem a little wiser.

Ahh, that looks so much better!

Ahh, that looks so much better!

Travis put the TV and entertainment stuff up this weekend, too. We haven’t had a TV in our main living room since Amariah was an infant, and I’ve loved having it that way. But with no other choice in this ranch-style townhome, I’m sort of enjoying having all the “action” right here in one area. TV or not, I think I’ll enjoy having just one living room for this short-term period. I’m sure it will get too noisy for my liking at times, but it will keep us doing life together – and that’s definitely a good thing.

Living Room TV

What making-your-house-a-home projects have you been up to lately?