New Home Construction is Underway!

The time has come to announce that the building of our new house is officially underway!! Our builder informed us yesterday that digging is to start TODAY, so I made the first of what I’m sure will be many daily jaunts over to the lot to capture one last pre-groundbreaking picture.


Our timing was perfect! We got to watch the backhoe crawl into our lot!

This picture, too, is the first of many more to come. My plan is to share our journey not only here on the blog, but also in pictures I’ll be posting to Instagram and Twitter throughout the process. These photos will be tagged with #SquiresHomeRun, so any who care to follow along may easily do so by searching for that hashtag.

Why #SquiresHomeRun?

Travis and I put quite a bit of thought into creating a hashtag that would be memorable, unique, not too long, and still representative of us and this project. After tossing around several ideas that just didn’t grab us, Travis suggested #SquiresHomeRun. It made perfect sense, and the sentimental side of me which likes to assign meaning was satisfied.

The most obvious explanation behind the hashtag #SquiresHomeRun is that we are taking a “run” at building a custom home. And, we think we “hit it out of the park” with a floorplan and a design (more to come – stay tuned!) that suits both our needs and our reasonable wants within the constraints of a careful budget.

The less obvious meaning behind the home run motif – besides that we are a baseball-lovin’ family – is inspired by the clever association between baseball and family used by our pastor, Todd Stiles, in his recent book, Home Run: Family, Baseball and Psalm 128. While Home Run is centered around Psalm 128 and the home-based teachings gleaned from it, Travis and I look more to the preceding Psalm as a theme verse for our own “home run.” As we’re wandering around the construction site surveying the progress, walking through stores making selections, and watching our vision materialize from the inside out, it is important to us that we remember this truth:

Unless the Lord builds the house,
They labor in vain who build it. (Psalm 127:1a, NASB)

We desire to keep the Lord and His purposes at the center of our energies and at the head of our endeavors, because the Rock upon which we build our “house” is a whole lot more important than the cultured stone we choose for our home’s exterior.

Four-year-old Isabel keeps asking in wonderment, “But how are they going to build an actual house there?” Step by step, she’s about to find out.

And you can, too! Don’t forget to follow along with our #SquiresHomeRun on Instagram and Twitter, and be sure to subscribe to my blog to receive updates on the build and more!


  1. JJ McKenzie says:

    How exciting! I can not wait to see the progress. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Angela says:

      Yes! In some ways the journey to this point has seemed long, yet it’s hard to believe the time is here! Thanks for sharing in our excitement!