#SquiresHomeRun: Footings and Friends

Thanks to a couple rainy days it’s been a somewhat uneventful past week at the construction site. Any sign of something happening is exciting though, so when we found this, we were elated.


With the footings poured, we can begin to get a glimpse of the house’s form. I like to stand at the edge of the hole and just envision. Here’s where our family room will be. There’s the nook for our home gym. That’s the safe room we almost didn’t add.

It’s all starting to take shape for the kids, too. I imagine that this whole process of walking through houses and sitting through design meetings has been rather obscure for them. But now there is something tangible. Something concrete. (Literally. :-) ) And the reality of it all is beginning to set in for them, too.


Of course, playing on the dirt mounds with the new neighbor kids is probably the highlight for them right now. (I don’t even want to know what their new tennis shoes would look like had we not purchased rain boots for site exploration.) It’s a highlight for us, too. Everyone in the neighborhood has been so friendly and welcoming, and I have a feeling that by the time we move in six months from now, we won’t totally feel like the new kids on the block.

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One Comment

  1. Tammy Rice says:

    Neat post! It touched my heart that the neighborhood is already welcoming you! (You can send that rain here and we will send you our dry for awhile).