I Needed to Do This

Last night I drank in more fun than I’ve had in a long time, and this morning my heart is hungover with joy. I can’t explain why last night’s events meant so much to me. I can’t explain the rush of passion I felt when the opportunity presented itself, nor can I explain the tears that burned against the back of my eyes as I lived it. All I know is that I needed this. For whatever reason, I needed to do this for me.

If there’s one characteristic about myself that I’ve always been quick to admit, it’s this: I am NOT artistic. I’ve tried to be, yes. I still have the sketch book from my childhood that tells of my tries to draw horses. I wanted to be good at it, and I practiced; but the natural talent just wasn’t there. And neither was the instruction. The nine-week art class required of all seventh graders is the extent of my “technical training.”

I guess I’ve always been fine with the fact that I don’t do art. Sure, I’d love to be good at it; but I know I’m not and I accept that.

And still, I had to do this. I hadn’t known that – I wasn’t expecting it or seeking it out. But when I was looking into some summer art camps for kids being offered by Pinot’s Palette Des Moines and came across this beautiful painting, even my artistic handicaps couldn’t subdue the urgency I felt. Every ounce of me, without a doubt, wanted – needed – to attend the class.

So I did. I found a friend and my husband’s blessing, and I took a mom’s night out to remember. Today, the experience fills my heart and adorns my wall. It’s the best $35 of blow money I’ve ever spent.

Pinot's Palette - Foret Noir et Jaune

Maybe the reason it means so much is that truth I’ve just told – that I’m not artistic. Maybe I enjoyed it so much because I could never have visualized this scene without the master example nor created it without the step-by-step instruction.

It’s a copycat painting, and an imperfect one at that, but it’s as strongly mine as the passion which drove me to it. I did it, and I’ll be proud to soon display it on the walls of my new home.

Angela Foret Noir et Jaune

Can you think of a time you just needed to do some thing for yourself, even if you couldn’t explain it? Tell me about it!


  1. Tammy Rice says:

    You did a great job! I think it’s beautiful. Congratulations!!!

  2. local artist says:

    Loved reading this entry! In more ways then one! I connected being an artist, but more recently through my education as an art therapist. Accepting our “imperfections” and displaying them through our artwork is something so personal and really something that touches the soul. Being able to share that creative experience with others connects us in a way that is indescribable.

    Glad you enjoyed the class, the paintings look great!!

    1. Angela says:

      That is a really interesting take. It truly was therapeutic, in a way I couldn’t describe–but I think you just did!

      Thank you for the comment!