Why I Don’t Want a New Start in 2015

The blink of an eye, and another year is gone. In the cliché “time flies” spirit, to think 2014 passed in insignificance would be almost natural. What of importance could really have happened during a year that seemed so short?

I actually found myself entertaining that thought for a split second on New Year’s Eve. Of course, it didn’t take me long to correct myself. And I began surveying the big things of a year that wasn’t so small after all.

1. We sold a house, built a house, and moved twice in the process.

At this time last year I was eating/sleeping/breathing “declutter and clean” as we staged our first home to look spacious and neutral. It sold in a week, and by early March, we were handing over the keys and moving out. We spent the next seven months living in a cozy townhome while our hearts resided at the construction site of our new, custom home. The project was completed in October, and with much emotion and humble gratitude, we officially scored our #SquiresHomeRun.

Why I Don't Want a New Start in 2015

Closing Day: We’re home!

2. We embarked on a fitness journey led by my husband.

With the sale of our house and our first move behind us, Travis and I both were ready for a different focus. We’d spent the last three months getting our house into shape—now it was time to get our bodies into shape. We joined the YMCA, and Travis joined Farrell’s. Ten weeks, 18 1/2 pounds, and 13 1/2 inches later, Travis’s body-transforming work paid off as he became Farrell’s $1000 10-Week Challenge winner. But he didn’t stop there. He continued (and still continues) his fit and healthy lifestyle, losing a total of 30 pounds and 17 inches to date and training for and completing his first half marathon plus two other races, covering a total of 509 miles on the year.

Why I Don't Want a New Start in 2015

3. I started a new business with Younique.

In October I was introduced to a mascara product that really grabbed my attention. With natural-based ingredients and results like none other, this mascara made me want to do more than just wear it—I wanted to sell it. Never before had I considered starting a home-based business, but I knew that Younique’s 3D mascara was something I could stand behind with excitement. And with training and sales all done online, I saw that Younique’s business model would actually work for my family. I could learn at my pace, work according to my schedule, and I wouldn’t have to leave home for any of it.

So here I am, 11 weeks into my business venture and loving it! I’m learning, I’m making money, and I’m having so much fun connecting with people, both online and off. I intended from the beginning that this business would be an investment in my home, with profits going towards décor, furnishings, and whatever else would bless my family. What I didn’t foresee is that it would also be an investment in myself. It’s nice to have a reason to wear makeup and feel feminine, but more than that, it’s good for me to stretch and grow as a person—to recognize that I can do crazy things and set goals and achieve them. I can have a passion and act on it and bring blessing to myself and others in the process.

Why I Don't Want a New Start in 2015

LOVE my Younique 3D Mascara! Looks like I’m wearing falsies, but it’s just mascara!


Indeed, 2014 was not a year of insignificance. It was a year made up of meaningful moments, consequential conversations, deliberate decisions, and beautiful beginnings.

I don’t want a new start for the new year. No, I want to continue in cooperation with the things God has already begun.

My 2014 was a year of starting. May 2015 be a year of staying.

How would you characterize your year?