Teach Me to Number My Days

Teach Me to Number My Days

Teach me to number my days, oh Lord.
Time flies by, they say.
My heart is full like an ocean tide—
I can’t keep the tears at bay.

I think about the blessings You’ve given me,
The life undeserved, Your gifts.
I cannot fathom Your goodness, Lord;
Your praises spring forth from my lips.

Why are You good to me, oh God of all time?
What have I done to be noticed by You?
Not a thing—and that’s the thing—
There’s not a thing I can do.

Nothing I do can earn Your love
Because You give it freely to me.
You love me because You are Love;
It’s simply Your nature, indeed.

Your goodness surrounds me,
My heart is full.
How could it ever be?
That a God like You cares for a girl like me,
So small in the scheme of things.

But You have a purpose,
You have a plan;
And somehow I am a part.
You created me, destined me, called me by name,
And along Your road I embark.

Tomorrow’s my mystery,
Yesterday, history;
Today is a gift from above.
Teach me, oh God, to number my days,
And to live each one in Your love.

Teach Me to Number My Days | Eternal Outlook [with Angela]


  1. Tammy Rice says:

    Beautifully said! Happy Birthday!

    1. Angela says:

      Thank you, Mom! God is good!

  2. Susan Lawrence says:

    Lovely! And wise words from a young woman.

    1. Angela says:

      Thank you, Susan! I never write poetry, but today I was overwhelmed by God’s goodness, and these words just came to me.