Laundry Day

Laundry Day is an exciting day in the Squires household.  Abel and Amariah’s button-pushing craze finally gets satisfied as they take turns starting the washer and dryer.  (Whoever designed my machines to require two pushes of the button was a genius… because one push and beep just isn’t quite enough.)  Then, we all get to hang out upstairs where the best toys dwell while Mommy folds the laundry and fends off the little “helpers.”  And finally, Mommy gets the satisfaction of every article of clothing being clean and in its place (if only for a couple hours).

Yes, fellow housewives, I may be strange, but I like doing laundry.  And ironing?  Well, I must say there is something satisfying about making things look perfect. :-)


  1. Travis says:

    Aren’t I a lucky husband?!

  2. Can’t say I share your excitement :). Maybe someday.

  3. oh my are so funny! I hate laundry and I put off ironing as long as I can! :)
    So yes, Travis, you are lucky :) My poor husband has to pester me until he has one pair of pants left to get me to iron! 😉
    I can totally picture Abel and Amariah going after the buttons…that so cute! :)